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Maintain Healthy Habits Day‑to‑day

You can’t take on the day if you haven’t taken care of yourself. Healthy day-to-day habits are key to success, academically, professionally, and socially. Even little things like getting enough sleep and taking time to relax can be the difference between feeling lousy and feeling great during your week.

Make time

A healthy balanced life requires a vital blend of work, fun and self care. Make sure you are taking the proper time for each area in your life.

Limit caffeine

Try reducing or quitting your consumption of caffeine for a while. It is especially important to avoid after 2 p.m. or before stressful events like taking a test.

Get your zzzz’s

Develop good sleep habits and try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day—even weekends.

Practice relaxing

Meditation and relaxation allow our bodies and minds to slow down and get a break. Try it out using the audio files from Counseling & Testing Services.


Our bodies respond to physical activity by releasing endorphins to the brain that help lower stress. Try being active, it can dramatically reduce your stress.

Eat well

Appropriate amounts of proteins and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables can help regulate your energy levels. Try eating less sugar and have more regular balanced meals.


Track your expenses

A lot of financial stress comes from not knowing how much you are spending or where all your money is going. Start a list of everything you buy and become more conscious of your spending habits.