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Mind & Body

Stress can be a very harmful thing. It can affect your thinking patterns, your physical well-being, and your relationships. Sadly, you can’t just turn off stress. Make sure to be mindful of your stress levels and try out these techniques for reducing anxiety and negative thoughts.

Manage Negative Thinking


The habit of practicing positive affirmations gives you a better sense of control in your life. Negative thinking patterns can prevent you from taking the next step, taking charge, or reaching your full potential. Actively work to develop a positive mindset with daily affirmations. Remind yourself of your strengths, skills and abilities and that will help you practice a healthy lifestyle.


Recognize your negative thoughts and you will become aware of how these thoughts affect how you feel.


Reject your negative thoughts as truth before they become all-consuming.


Practice calming techniques. To prevent your stress level from getting too high, try deep breathing or verbalizing a positive thought or affirmation to replace the negative.


Choose to take control of your own thoughts by seeing them in a different light. Instead of thinking “this is too much for me to handle,” try “this could be a great opportunity for growth and learning.”


Continue your everyday activities with a better sense of control and confidence in your ability to cope and handle changes.

Practice Stress Reduction Techniques



Essential oils affect brainwaves and alter behavior. Lavender and citrus scents are most often used for stress-relief.


Practice relaxing:

Meditation and relaxation allow our bodies and minds to slow down and get a break. Counseling and Psychological Services provides audio files for guided relaxation.



Grab your notebook or journal and write. Writing down how you feel gets the stress out of your head and onto paper, and may even help you problem-solve.