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For Faculty/Staff

Content Submission

These guidelines are specific to the homepage of the Cougar Success website. If your content does not fit within the guidelines, the advisory board will work with you to incorporate your content in the best way possible.




  • The content must be useful to the general student population and should be useful to students across the university system.
  • The content must be essential to the retention of a student from semester to semester.
  • The content must benefit a student’s academic, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing throughout their time on campuses.
  • The content cannot be degree- or department-specific information such as department deadlines or class-specific reminders.
  • The content must fit into one of the five website categories: Academics, Lifestyle, Services, Tools & Resources, Tips & Deadlines
  • Any external content will be clearly sourced from credible topic experts.
  • Additional content on next steps for students desiring more information is encouraged.
  • The website advisory board has the final say in what content is allowed on the website.