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GPA Calculator

Not sure how to figure out your GPA? Input your final class grade and the class credits and this calculator will tell you what your final grade point average will be. A very handy tool for the academically-minded student.


  • Grade Credits
    Class 1
    Class 2
    Class 3
    Class 4
    Class 5
    Class 6
    Class 7
    Class 8

Are you interested in raising your Grade Point Average?

  • The fastest way to improve your GPA is to retake courses you earned a C- or lower in. See Academic Regulation 34 for more information.
  • Attend your classes. Skipping class means you’re missing important material necessary to succeed. If you know you have to miss a class, be sure you contact your instructor ahead of time.
  • Setup a meeting with an Academic Success Coach. In your meeting, you’ll learn more about time management, note taking, exam preparation, reading strategies, study strategies, and more.
  • Take advantage of tutoring. Tutors are an excellent resource for students and in most cases, they’re free. More often than not, tutors have previously taken the course and have done well enough to tutor others. Even if you don’t have specific questions, working on your homework with the help of a tutor will help you get past unexpected roadblocks.
  • Try not to overload yourself. A course load of 15-16 credits is recommended for most students. Be sure to speak with your academic advisor if you have questions about a specific class or your course load.
  • If you’re struggling in a course and exhausted all other options, talk to your academic advisor about dropping or withdrawing from the course. If you need to drop a course, keep in mind it could impact your graduation date, financial aid, athletic requirements, and more.