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Common Terminology at WSU

a – c

ADCAPS– Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Assessment and Prevention Services

Advisor: School official, usually assigned by your college or university, who will help you choose classes and make sure you are taking the right courses to graduate.

Academic Probation– not maintaining satisfactory academic progress

Alumni– people who have graduated from WSU.

AP– Administrative Professional

ASWSU ‐ Associated Students of Washington State University

Bookie– Student Book Corporation

ASCC – Academic Success and Career Center

CAHNRS– College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

CAMP-College Assistance Migrant Program

Catalog–  a document that provides all of the information parents and students need to know about a school

CHP– Center for Health Promotion

CCE- Center for Civic Engagement

CFSL– Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life

CTS – Counseling & Testing Services

CUB- Compton Union Building

CUE – Smith Center for Undergraduate Education

d – l

Dean– a faculty member that is head of a college or department

Doctorate– Highest academic degree. Awarded after a bachelor’s degree.

ELSSECP– Department of Educational Leadership, Sport Studies, and Educational/Counseling Psychology

FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Faculty- Teaching staff with the University, typically doctoral level

Fin Aid- Student Financial Services

FERPA- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

GEISORC- Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center

GPSA ‐ Graduate Professional & Student Association

GA- Graduate Assistant

IFC– Interfraternity Council

IP ‐ International Programs

IT– Information Technology

Instructor– a college teacher ranking below assistant professor.

IM-Intramural Sports

Lab– a space in which students can perform certain functions in controlled situations that help them test and understand what is being taught in the lecture

Lighty– Lighty Student Services

Lecture– class where instructor lectures on class material

The Lair-lounge area on the first floor of the CUB

m – p

Major– student’s chosen field of study

Minor- a specific number of credit hours in a secondary field of study

Midterms- During the middle of each semester exams that test students on the material

MSS– Multicultural Student Services

NID– Network ID (zzusis login, different than WSU ID)

NPHC– National Pan-Hellenic Council

NSP-New Student Programs

OC– Orientation Counselor



Ombudsman– an official appointed to investigate individuals’ complaints against maladministration.

ORC– Outdoor Recreation Center

PAN-Panhellenic Council

Prerequisite– prerequisite course is a course taken in preparation for another course

PreReq– Prerequisites

Provost– the chief academic officer directly below the president

The Pit-Fulmer 226

Professor– a teacher of the highest rank in a college or university.

q – z

RA– Resident Advisor

RDA– Resident Dinning Account

RED– Residential Education Director

Registrar– responsible for the maintenance of all academic records

RHA ‐ Residence Hall Association

RSO– Registered Student Organization

SEB– Student Entertainment Board

Syllabus – an outline of the important information about a course.

SLN– Schedule Line Number

SRC/UREC/REC ‐ Student Recreation Center

SSS-Student Support Services

Staff- University support personnel

TCR– Transfer Credit Report

Transcript– a permanent academic record of a student at college

TA– Teaching Assistant

TRiO-Student service programs

TODD AUD-Todd 116

UGC– United Greek Council

UCORE- University Common Education Requirements

Undergraduate – an undergraduate is a student who is pursuing either a one-, two-, or four-year degree.

Zzusis- Student Center Portal

WSU ‐ Washington State University