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Frost warms up to WSU

Frost warms up to WSU


As Jordan Frost drove through the rolling wheat fields outside of Pullman, five hours from the familiar suburban sprawl of King County, the questions began running through his head:

“Where am I?” JordanFrostBlogPic

“Are we sure there’s a college out here?”

“Will I make any friends?”

“How am I going to fit in?”

Like most first-year college students, Frost encountered doubt. He was overwhelmed by the unknown and lacked the confidence he carried throughout high school.

“I was freaking out,” he says.

Two years later, Frost is a leader on campus and a high-achieving student. He’s spending a big chunk of his summer in Pullman, helping other students get acquainted with the campus that he now considers his second home. The transition from freaked-out freshman to sterling sophomore wasn’t without its hurdles. But by utilizing the many resources on campus and learning from his mistakes, Frost found his place. » More …